Seen and Noted

Tom Malone

Tom Malone original works are available here at The Framemaker. Proceeds benefit the Tom Malone Memorial Scholarship For Studio Arts / Austin Peay State University.

Taylor Holland

Frames Which Frame Themselves

Paris-based American artist Taylor Holland explores how technological methods interact with a physical reality, a concept which is showcased in his series FRA[MES]. Utilizing digital methods copied onto custom molds, Holland fills ornate 18th and 19th with reorganized details from their own design, merging the style of art and frame.

“Fra[mes] is a collaboration between algorithm, artist, and master craftsman, which not only bridges the gap between digital media and old-world craftsmanship, but gives the computer an equal hand in the creative process,” says Holland in an artist statement on his website.

Roma Moulding

New Winter Collection. From bright and bold, to simple yet sophisticated.

Handcrafted by Artisans applying ancient techniques, this collection preserves deep-rooted family traditions while honoring the unique quality of each piece created. In order to create a lineup worthy of adorning the world’s greatest artworks, we pioneered truly unique processes that use natural elements such as fire and water to enhance our products.

Olen Bryant

Deceptive Simplicity  at Customs House

The basic geometry and sparse detailing of Olen Bryant’s sculpture evoke natural simplicity.Achieved through a mastery of material and the delicate balance of form and allusion, these pieces can seem misleadingly effortless. Bryant himself is a testament to the illusions of simple things and what they hold beneath the surface.