Why Us?


With over 30 years of experience in the framing industry, owner and frame designer, Glenn Edgin, has created literally thousands or framing projects. The Framemaker is committed to providing high-end quality, hand-crafted and unique frame designs.

Our business expertise is in archival materials and retractable non-invasive museum mounting, as well as knowledge of the design elements of color, texture and balance.

Our hand-picked selection of clean-lined as well as hand-finished moldings is a work of art itself!

The Framemaker offers archival grade 4-ply and 8-ply cotton, paper and fabric-covered mat boards. We also carry a wide variety of specialty glass and acrylic options, including coatings that are reflection free, reflection control and/or UV blocking.

The Framemaker owner, Glenn Edgin, loves to spend time with clients in the design process. He presents many ideas and options, but ultimately uses the client’s desires for the final design and framing package. Don’t hesitate to call for an appointment during or after hours to meet your schedule. However, weekend appointments are very limited.

Our Product
“Hand-crafted,” “details” and “clean-lines” are words and phrases closely associated with our business. We spend a lot of time in the production process. Your framing project will have the look of a timeless, sophisticated and high-end product when completed. Our design is idiosyncratic to The Framemaker! Our framing is both an experience and product you’ll love for years.

All framing projects are assembled on site at The Framemaker. We pay close attention to accurate mitre cuts on our molding corners. Our mat boards are cut cleanly without over-cuts or snags. Glass and acrylics are cut cleanly to size. Each project is inspected for accuracy, cleaned and packaged for pick-up.

The Framemaker strives for competitive pricing. There’s a wide range of framing options, ranging from high-end designs to modestly priced alternatives. Please allow us time to present options to you. We’re very good at matching a design to you that your budget will also love.